Reintroducing Eileen Wacker, Successful Momprenuer and author of acclaimed Fujimini Adventure Series


BluePenguin-coverEileen Wacker is the award-winning author behind the 7-book Fujimini Adventure Series for ONCEKids Publishing. The Publishing company focuses on multi-cultural storytelling which pairs well with this children’s series that bridges the East-West gap and teaches children around the world about Asian culture.

Wacker, a Harvard MBA graduate, has been a thought leader and literacy expert for more then a decade having led, taught and supported library and school systems in North America and Asia.

“It’s important to get books into the hands of our children.” Eileen Wacker emphasizes, “To motivate our young people at a very early age how to use their imaginations, learn and inspire their minds.” The Fujimini Adventure Series features hand-drawn illustrations, and touches upon childhood topics such as visiting neighbors, celebrations, playing too rough. We meet a mix of fun-loving characters (the inhabitants of Fujimini Island) including hamsters, penguins, pandas, bunnies and more. Author Wacker understands the importance of technology and encourages the content to be consumed on more than just the printed page, including apps, e-books and animated DVDs.

“Our world is growing so quickly,” Author Eileen Wacker continues, “Here at Fujimini Island our goal is simply to keep stories and characters in our readers’ little hands, whether that’s pulling a page, swiping a screen or clicking a button.” Both ONCEKids Publishing and Fujimini Adventure Series take advantage of all technology with websites, blogs and social media aimed at mothers, families and cultural topics. The company stays busy connecting with their audience online by holding regularly themed social media parties that trend worldwide and celebrate holidays, trends and ONCEKids newest releases.