Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Matt Bomer, New York Mets Take the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ for A.L.S.


Ben-Stiller-ALSBen Stiller & Christine TaylorMatt Bomer, and the New York Mets, have posted their “ice bucket challenge” videos. Unlike many celebrities, whose connection to ALS has just begun with the “ice bucket challenge,” Mr. Stiller & Ms. Taylor, Mr. Bomer, and the New York Mets, with personal connections to the disease, are long-time advocates of Project A.L.S. They have been instrumental in helping Project A.L.S. to raise nearly $67 million for research that has moved the field forward exponentially.

In the past week, the “ice bucket challenge” has gone viral in popularity — raising additional millions for research. While the New York Mets, who have partnered with Project A.L.S. for 12 years, take a serious approach to the challenge, Mr. Bomer, star of White Collar and The Normal Heart and passionate supporter of cutting edge Project A.L.S. research, meets the ice bucket challenge on the beach, where his sons douse him.

Experts say that an understanding of ALS will strengthen our fight against the related Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s diseases. In fact, by the year 2025, as our population ages, 1 in 25 American adults will be diagnosed with one of these neurodegenerative diseases.