California Celebrates June Dairy Month In A Dairy Big Way


June is National Dairy Month – a celebration of the diversity of dairy foods and the farmers who produce the bounty. In California, June is “Real California Milk Month” as recently proclaimed by Governor Jerry Brown in appreciation of the more than 1500 dairy families who make California the number one milk-producing state and dairy the state’s number one agricultural commodity.

“Although we celebrate dairy every day, in June, we get the chance to celebrate not only the variety of dairy foods that consumers love, but also the families who make them possible,” said Jennifer Giambroni, Director of Communications for the California Milk Advisor Board (CMAB). “This year in June we also commemorate the 45th year anniversary of the CMAB, a farmer-funded organization dedicated to building awareness and demand for California dairy products.”

The governor’s proclamation recognizes the contributions of California’s dairy families and kicks off a month of activities from the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) to spotlight California dairy. The proclamation states “the landscape, economy, health, and nutrition of California would not be the same without our dairy farms.”

The 30 Days of California Dairy celebration is moving full speed ahead with a calendar of tips for easily incorporating dairy daily. Whether it’s sprinkling Oaxaca cheese on your Taco Tuesday meal, or creating the perfect buttered popcorn recipe for movie night, each 140 character tip is made for easy sharing. The bite-size tips provide the perfect reminder for how simple it is to enjoy protein- and calcium-rich dairy products daily.

Participating in this year’s celebration, popular food blogger, Sommer Collier (A Spicy Perspective), will be creating her very own dairy month celebration boards on Pinterest and sharing her best dairy recipes:

June Dairy Month will also mark the CMAB’s partnership with the California Milk Processor Board and Dairy Council of California, in conjunction with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, to bring awareness to The Great American Milk Drive and hunger in California. Through this collaborative effort, California’s milk organizations will align with consumers to help provide the nutrition of milk to local food banks. For more information, visit

Late June also marks the launch of the new CMAB website and social media platform, “Califarmia” that honors the farmers, cows, land and foods that make up our dairy state and are brought to life by the Real California Milk and Cheese seals.

Ninety-nine percent of California dairy farms are family-owned. California produces more fluid milk, butter, ice cream, and nonfat dry milk than any other state. The state is the second-largest producer of cheese, which is available nationally under the Real California Cheese seal. Dairy products made with California milk can be identified by the Real California Milk seal, which certifies that the products are made exclusively with milk produced on California dairy farms.