Updates on Mysterious Flight MH370


malaysian-airline-missingFlight MH370 is yet to be found as new hypothesis arise. Numerous speculations have been spread these past days, making it very hard to distinguish the actual facts surrounding this event

The search area has also been extended with teams from the U.S. surveying across the Indian Ocean.

Multiple leads suggest that the plane has flown longer than what was originally thought.

The airplane had 239 people on board when it disappeared on Saturday.

Over 9 nations are helping Malaysian forces with the search.

Most of the people on board of the MH370 were Chinese, thus Beijing has expressed its disagreement on the way the searches are being conducted on multiple occasions.


The plane appeared to be turning back towards Malaysia and then to be heading north-west towards the Indian Ocean according to a military radar.

A New York Times report states that the course has shown peculiar behavior with a high fluctuation in altitude on numerous occasions.

It has also been stated that one satellite has managed to receive a signal from the aircraft almost seven hours after the contact had been cut off.

The new intel suggests two plausible destinations for the plane, a northern path towards Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan towards northern Thailand and a southern path towards Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.

Multiple leads have been officially launched by Malaysian authorities in collaboration to its supporters. Up until this point, the hypothesis of a terrorist attack has not been eliminated.

However, the faith of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has not yet been concluded. We will be keeping you posted with official, confirmed updates.