Malaysian Flight MH370 Vanishes in thin Air


malaysian-airline-missingAuthorities have released the last contact they had with flight MH370 before its disappearance. The mysterious fate of the flight is still under the question mark.

The last message issued by the pilots was “All right. Roger that”, a message which doesn’t really point towards any conclusion what so ever.

Flight MH370 has 239 people on board and it has been missing since last Saturday, mysteriously disappearing over the South China Sea.

Questions arise as some of the families have called the passenger cell phones and they appeared to have been ringing. Experts debate this occurrence. Some state that it could be the cell tower before it establishes connection while other believe that the phones are actually ringing.

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Due to recent information which demonstrates that the plane could have flown an extra 400 miles, the search has been extended to mainland with over 9 nations involved in solving this mystery.

The search party has also concentrated their effort towards both sides of the Malaysian peninsula as the Chinese authorities increase their pressure for solving this issue.

Flight MH370 disappeared one hour after its take-off from Kuala Lumpur, traveling towards Beijing.

It has shown no signs of distress on board during the approximately 60 minutes of communication. The contact has been lost as soon as the plane reached the limit between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace.

Minutes after this event, the flight disappeared from radar and lost communication.

Moments later, all contact with Flight MH370 was lost.