Windowless Supersonic Private Jet Re-defines First-class Flying


Windowless-Jet-by-Spike-Aerospace_dezeen_sq-300x300Spike Aerospace works on building its own supersonic private jet, the S-512. Along with the launch of this plane in 2018 comes a very interesting feature. It won’t have any windows.

In order to increase the degree of comfort, the aerospace firm has deemed appropriate to use display technology on the inside (high definition screens), connected with exterior cameras meant to send live-streaming data for the passengers.

The result, the constructors say, will be splendid. Each passenger will have the option of handling display intensity and, if willing, will be able to switch to something more appealing to him in terms of view with a wide selection of ambient images.

The aircraft windows have an important role in reducing claustrophobia. However, it is a known fact that aircrafts without windows are stronger, see the case of military or transport planes.

The S-512 constructor believes in the resistance and simplicity of its design. However, he does not want to eliminate the astounding effect of a splendid view.

“A few advisers and friends are concerned that there are no windows, but I think that if you give them the screens and give them the visibility, you might be able to get away from that.” Spike founder Vik Kachoria

This windowless concept will allow the Spike aircraft to rid itself of some issues related to windows which can affect the overall speed of the vehicle. The plane is expected to reach a top speed of 1,370 mph, that is 1.8 Mach with a maximum capacity of 18 passengers.