San Diego’s Dadian Lives ‘Grammy’ Dream

Cael Dadian

The Grammy Awards broadcast live January 26, 2014 and San Diego native Cael Dadian was inspired to be part of music’s biggest night.  Problem was this singer-songwriter didn’t have a ticket.  But much like everything else in his career, permission wasn’t needed to make his dreams come true.

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On the day of the big event,  Cael flashes his Southern California smile as he explains his reasoning.  He and a friend plan to drive up to the Staples Center, dressed like they belong with some home-made credentials, and just kind of walk in.  To some, this sounds far-fetched, impossible, possibly dangerous.  But he’s more concerned with which artists or producers he’ll meet.  Why does he think it’ll work?

Unrealistic Optimism

Unrealistic optimism is an idea that Cael Dadian has lived by and continues to prosper from through his art and life.  The concept is easy: even when everyone else tells you it probably won’t work, keep believing in yourself and keep your thoughts optimistic. As the young singer/songwriter continues his climb to musical success the same optimism blended with raw talent is what fuels his journey with unbelievable results.

Cael Dadian with friend on the Grammy red carpet

Arriving at the Staples Center, he strides up to the security line and confidently states his name and shows his ID.  Everything looks picture perfect except for one part, which the security promptly reminds him, he has no invite and his name is not on any lists.  He is turned away.  This happens over and over as Dadian approaches every entrance he can find.  He turns back a final time and instead of the expected frown, we get a beaming smile with “I’m gonna find a way.”

Finding Your Chance

john-mayer-katy-perry-cael-dadian-grammys-2014Sure enough Cael Dadian found a way.  By making friends with people at the entrances he was able to meet a music producer with extra passes to a Grammy after-party.  They walked in to the jam-packed event to see Boyz II Men perform and later a special appearance by Sierra.  But that’s not it, Dadian found his way into the Universal Music Group party later and hung out with Skrillex, Katy Perry, John Mayer.

Cael Dadian is a San Diego-based acoustic, pop, r&b, hip-hop singer/songwriter who believes in unrealistic optimism and living the California dream.

Follow him on twitter at @CaelDadian and find more at