Los Angeles Physical Therapist Lights Up on Medical Marijuana News


Physical-Therapist-Vivian-EisenstadtVivian Eisenstadt  M.A.P.T. O.C.S. is a Pilates-based orthopedic physical therapist in Los Angeles California.  Below she explains her view on medical marijuana:

I have been practicing for over 17 years and have owned my own facilities since 2003. I  suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome/Epstein-Barr for 20 years and it is now in remission, so I have some experience on chronic pain and what it can do to the psyche.

In my practice, when I see patients who are ridden with anxieties and/or cancers and/or chronic pain symptomology, marijuana has helped them considerably. They know exactly how much to take to address the symptoms without abusing it. I have seen it considerably positively help their health. I am very pro on legalizing it because I personally feel arresting people for marijuana is a waste of our judicial system.

A good friend of mines’ mother Who has been dealing with cancer for over 10 years stumbled upon marijuana for her symptoms. Now she makes money creating chocolates and brownies and peanut butter cups with marijuana oil to help others suffering from cancer at UCLA.


All the above reasons as to why I feel legalization and medical marijuana is appropriate for this day and age. It’s helping too many people for me to think that this is an inappropriate move. I also feel that by taxing it, we can use the money to educate the youth on drugs and overuse and empower them with the knowledge they need to make smart choices.

Abuse of marijuana can be compared to abuse of any substance, such as alcohol. However, overuse of alcohol in my opinion does worst damage than overuse of marijuana. We just need to really educate our youth and teach them how to be responsible the matter what they are choosing to partake in.

For more information on my alternative healing practice, please go to www.Vivie.com, find me on Yelp  or call 310-623-4444.