Majestic Line brings Wildlife and Comfort to ‘Around Mull: Wildlife Explorer’


majestic-line-wildlifeMajestic Line has launched a new cruise “Around Mull: Wildlife Explorer” designed for tourist who are curious and willing to observe and discover some rare species which set this island among the most spectacular in terms of wildlife in the United Kingdom.

The Majestic Line has set innovation as one of its main values, the partnership with one of the top wildlife guides being for a cruise tour being a natural, obvious choice.

Its Owner Andy Thoms stated: “We’re delighted to work with David Woodhouse, whose ground-breaking wildlife expeditions on the Island Of Mull have been delighting visitors for over thirty years. On our new ‘Wildlife Explorer’ cruise around this Hebridean wildlife paradise, we invite guests on a voyage of discovery, exploring the island’s rich and diverse natural world. The addition of this new day land tour to the cruise will give guests the maximum opportunity to encounter spectacular wildlife, thriving in the pristine island environment, all guided under the informed eye of our new wildlife expert.”

wildlife-cruiseThe “Around Mull: Wildlife Explorer” is a cruise aimed for those who are in love with nature and who are keen on observing the wonders of a uniquely preserved wild habitat.

The designated crew for this cruise has been selected due to their experience in sailing these waters. This allows for a better chance of spotting some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world like Minke whales, rare species of eagles, otters, basking sharks and porpoises.

The two words describing the cruise: wildlife and comfort. The ships are very stylish and they are designed to carry its tourists to some excellent, remote locations filled with history and scenery which can act as a high dose of peace of mind material.

Andy Thomas, the owner: “Encountering a pod of dolphins as the vessel sails into a tranquil bay at the Island of Iona, sailing deep into spectacular Fingal’s Cave at Staffa or getting up close to colourful puffins at the beautiful Treshnish Islands, are unforgettable experiences for our guests. Adding a day land tour with David will ensure our guests are more likely to encounter a wider variety of Mull’s diverse wildlife, and learn where and how to find them. We’re confident our combined passion for this area of outstanding beauty, with the added bonus of David’s vast knowledge and experience, will provide guests with an enriching and inspiring insight into the wonderful wildlife of Mull.”