Travel Boom! 97 million Chinese tourists outbound in 2014


Chinese_tourists-LosAngelesPerhaps this will not come as a surprise for many, but according to a recent report, the Chinese people are the most numerous outbound tourists and also spend the most money overseas.

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The Chinese National Tourism Administration has reported a number of 97 million outbound tourists traveling in 2013. The growth tendency is obvious, comparing it to the 83 million in 2012. In 2014 there are prospects of conquering the 100 million milestone.

Along with their large numbers also came great expenditure. Since 2012, Chinese people have conquered and maintained the top position as international spenders, leaving Germans and Americans in the distance.

In terms of preferences, the most desired locations are in Europe and Asia, close to 75% of the 87 mil. On American soil, Chinese tourists spend more than American tourists with a difference of approximately $5000 in 2011.

Naturally, service providers have adapted to the Chinese tourist pattern in order to offer the most suited set of services. Completing this circle of trust and respect is supported by official attitude from WTCF, Wei Xiao’an, a director of the Federation, encouraging the Chinese tourists to pay respect to the local customs of the place or country they are engaged in visiting.

Noticeable attitude has been registered form Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and the Hilton Hotels Worldwide who have already implemented specific menu changes and have inserted certain traditional Chinese paraphernalia.

If this was not already an indication of a high standard of living, maybe you should take into account the 3.2 billion people who have chosen to visit China in the past year. The numbers recorded in 2012 have been exceded by 300 million showing a tremendous increase.

The most desired destination in China? Sanya, Hainan takes home the crown!