Winter storms increase Tropical Traffic


tropical-travel-Tenerife-Majorca-CaribbeanAlong with the coming of the cold season, winter has shown no hesitation in displaying its might. Due to a cold Christmas, the booking demand for sunny destinations has increased significantly.

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Booking agencies have reported up to 10 percent booking increase during Christmas day and Boxing day in comparison to 2013. The notable trend, however, is represented by the use of mobile apps and optimized websites in order to perform reservations.

Among the most popular destinations, people opted for Tenerife, Majorca or the Caribbean coast of Mexico, with an average in temperatures between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Travel experts state that the increase in bad weather has called for an early January sale. Whether it’s catching last minute offers or booking for a lower priced offer for February or March 2014, people tend to choose warm, exotic locations.