DRINK:EAT:PLAY Brings ‘Gatsby’ Millionaires to Los Angeles for Fun Night


On August 10, a warm late summer’s night DRINK:EAT: PLAY continued its streak of amazing events by presenting The Great Gatsby Party at Downtown LA’s Legendary Park Plaza Hotel


What do we know about the Great Gatsby? Invented by novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, the character is a 1920’s playboy who throws amazing parties while pining after his true love.  This August event followed those lines with decadent results. Lavish parties, featuring beautiful people dressed to the nines, enjoying a plethora of adult beverages and delicious food while dancing from room to room of a luxe mansion.

There were perhaps several true loves in attendance and maybe even some new loves discovered amongst the fun.



Walking up to the event, the line as literally around the block. Thousands of partiers were dressed in their 1920s best. Men in summer suits, 3-piece suits, tuxedos, with bouttonnieres and bowlers. But the women definitely had more fun. Flapper dresses, cloche hats, finger perms.

Just steps inside the building, and you were transformed. It sounds cliche, yeah, but it was true. The art deco, the costumes, everyone fed into each other’s fantasies and it came along. But this was only the beginning.










In the next room were two photo booths with non-stop camera flashes. Very popular. Each picture was sent on instagram and you can do a search with #GreatGatsbyLA


Park Plaza had three rooms of dancing. Upstairs was classic swing and jazz brought to you by The Eilliot Deutsch Big Band, across the hallway DJ Rigo spun Top 40 hits. Downstairs was Vaud & the Villians a 19-piece 1930’s New Orleans orchestra and cabaret.



Just past the music was a quiet-ish area to rest and relax, while enjoying a snack. Food trucks surrounded us offering healthy (ish) options of Mediterranean wraps to the perennial popular Slammin’ Sliders and more.

While Slammin’ Sliders kobe beef was simply par for the course, their lobster slider was delicious and their Ceasar salad was memorably good.


In all, a delightful evening of fun, dancing, cocktails and bites to eat. DRINK:EAT:PLAY continues to be one of Los Angeles’ premier event companies and the 1920s continues to be a great era to visit and play in.

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