The Maniac Agenda: Maniacs Get Visual {X_^}


The Maniac Agenda is made of some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet who create music that touches, inspires, thrills and excites — and they just happen to live in the most dangerous city in the country.

What kind of personality does it take to control this madness and create the energy and excitement that they spread to their fans around the world.

Let’s take a look.  Some pictures, some moments caught in time, some craziness with the Maniacs:

1. The Maniacs as Comic book characters. 

“We love comics so it was like a dream come true to become them in the Meta Sebian series helping save the world through frequencies.  Would LOVE to work in more comics.”


 2. The Ableton live file for The Maniac’s Live set of their single “Flooded” 

“We’re always working and practicing.  We love our fans and want to keep the beat moving.  When they’re sleeping, we’re probably staying up late creating something they’ll hopefully love.”


 3. The Maniacs Back in the Day

“This school picture is hilarious.  I bet you can guess which are members of The Maniac Agenda {X_^}”


4. Our Newest Piece

“Our newest piece is a MPD 24 which is midi based protype inspired by the classic MPC often used by hiphop producers. This new piece is going to be used in our live show and in the studio”


 5. Break it Down!

Bboying/break dancing is what I did that really got me into music and eventually into DJing and production and in The Maniac Agenda


6. Tripped Out!

“This tripped out picture is The Maniac Agenda performing a DJ set in Baltimore”


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