Starset To Launch with ‘Astronomical’ Force


Starset-CountdownStarset, recently recognized as Sunnyvale CA’s Starset Society publicity arm, launches their first communication Tuesday July 2, 2013 at 3m EST.  The representation was first lauded in early May 2013 and this announcement is expected to detail the first official message.  The message will be available to view on their website.

The Starset Society has a global reach of astronomers, astro-physicists, futurists and advanced hobbyists.  In the past few months, their size has grown based on speculation of partnerships with several reputable astro-centric organizations.

Noted engineer and philanthropist Dr. Aston Wise founded the society in 2003.  He is perhaps best known as a technology entrepreneur often compared with present-day personalities Elon Musk, Jason Calacanis, Jerry Yang and Jeffrey Skoll. Much of the Starset Society message is scientific, environment and political just as Academy Award winner and former Vice President Al Gore has echoed in the past.  Dr. Aston Wise, Starset Society’s founder was unavailable to comment, but the organization released the following statement:

“We are very proud of Starset and believe their messages represent us well.  If you look around in today’s society, there’s a myriad of misinformation.  This intelligence starts as high as government and trickles down to everyday society.  This isn’t a new hypothesis, but data pushing forward for centuries with proven facts that need to be explored and we will take steps to begin.  For many reasons, we believe this directly effects modern-day society as well as our future.  Our people, our planet and as our civilization as we know it.”

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