Zanoni Reveals Spiritual Roots In His Music Part 2 of 2


Zanoni-hip-hop-spiritualityHip-hop emcee Zanoni is best known for his conscious music, which offers light, love and harmony to his listeners.  After yesterday’s part one, today we continue his voyage highlighting his perspective on religion and the church.

If I could believe in Krishna, Babaji, and Saint Germain, I knew that Jesus was right alongside them.  It became apparent to me that devotion to Jesus was most certainly one of the purest approaches I could have whereas worshipping Krishna, for instance, felt for me a bit more foreign. I then began to read The Bible and have been dedicating my life to Christ ever since.

I feel a lot of people may have an aversion to Jesus due to feelings of guilt and repression from what might’ve been the church’s approach at one point, and I think it’s important to simply look at Jesus and his words and life alone apart from The Church.  He didn’t preach Catechism necessarily but simply to love God and one another.  Christ was also an extreme rebel when it came to religious traditions.

One aspect of his teachings that I find the most relevant and useful is “The Seven Works of Mercy” which involve visiting the sick and imprisoned and feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for the impoverished.

Zanoni-HipHop-Music-AlbumWhen Jesus reemerged in my life, my path shifted from meditation for the sake of self-liberation to a life more focused upon service.  I currently do hospice work with several patients, visit people in a rehabilitation hospital, distribute food to the poor, and work with imprisoned gang youth.  At the same time, I continue to practice meditation and attend 10-day vipassana retreats periodically.

With regards to hip-hop, I was hesitant at one point to continue to pursue it since I don’t really rap about Jesus; but part of me feels that Jesus simply wants a cool, positive world in which we value one another along with God, and my music is definitely geared towards that.  I’ve incorporated much of what I’ve read and learned through this spiritual quest into the hip-hop lyrics (minus some of the more political tunes) and hope it is of benefit and inspiration to all who hear it.

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