Zanoni Reveals Spiritual Roots In His Music Part 1 of 2


Zanoni-hip-hop-spiritualityHip-hop emcee Zanoni is best known for his conscious music.  Bringing light and love to his audience and inspiring them to explore peace and harmony.  In the past he’s spoken of his influences. Today Zanoni speaks about his personal spiritual journey:

My spiritual quest began in the seventh grade when I read Jostein Gaarder’s “Sophie’s World” which, in many ways, opened up Pandora’s Box philosophically.

I began to become disenchanted with basketball which I had dedicated my life to around that time along with any materialistic or worldly pursuits.  I ended up reading a bunch of Dostoyevsky and Camus; and, after being left at the end of the Western philosophical road with Existentialism and Phenomenology and with existential angst being no longer romantic but simply irritating and not necessarily an accurate perspective, I began to shift my focus into solely Eastern Philosophy which seemed more practical and, in many ways, more truthful.

A random book that an inspirational English teacher recommended called “The Tao of Pooh” (which connects eastern wisdom with the story of Winnie the Pooh) caused me to explore the philosophy of Taoism and delve into the “Tao Teh Ching” with which I felt an immediate spiritual resonance.

zanoni-hiphop-music-Album-2Being carried away from my Catholic upbringing by philosophy and also due to a general sense of feeling like a spectator in church with no real spiritual connection, I began to explore Buddhism and meditation since it seemed clear that Buddhist monks were some of the most happy people I had yet to observe.

I did a few retreats between ages 17 and 21 while simultaneously embracing a beatnik-inspired epicurean lifestyle.  In the course of time, spirituality took top priority, and I abandoned any type of intoxicants while adopting a vegetarian and later vegan diet.  

The spiritual path began to take a greater turn when the awareness of what can be referred to as The Ascended Masters entered my life.  These beings can best be described as all of the liberated, enlightened souls from all religious traditions that are currently involved in assisting humanity.

I could feel such a tremendously different radiation from reading such books as “The Magic Presence” or any of Annalee Skarin’s writings that I began to have no doubt that such beings were in fact real.  If I could believe in Krishna, Babaji, and Saint Germain, I knew that Jesus was right alongside them.  It became apparent to me that devotion to Jesus was most certainly one of the purest approaches I could have whereas worshipping Krishna, for instance, felt for me a bit more foreign.

Join us tomorrow for the second part, as Zanoni shares more of his spiritual journey.

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