Sue Wong’s Fall 2013 showcases the Glitz of ‘Gatsby’


Sue-Wong-Fall2013On a beautiful spring evening in the hills above Los Feliz, fashion icon Sue Wong revealed her newest line, the Sue Wong Fall 2013 collection.  The residence, a sprawling estate, was perfect to celebrate the theme of the collection: The Great Gatsby.

Hundreds of fashionistas and enthusiasts gathered to celebrate in Gatsby-inspired attire.  Summer coats, yacht suits, gowns and cocktail dresses, of course highlighted with inspired pastels.

Sue Wong’s Fall 2013 collection is inspired by the effervecent exuberance of the jazz age epitomized by the F. Scott Fitzgerald masterpiece “The Great Gatsby”.  The latest collection immerses women in dresses reminiscent of an era of glittering opulence yet timeless in their precisely fine-tuned modern-day sensibility.  Draped cocktail dresses and gowns with playful accents, elegant details and fine embroidery.

Sue:  “My new designs bring to life the spirit of an era that Fitzgerald flawlessly depicted in his novel.  […] the book inspired me to translate a generations jubilation into wearable pieces for today’s modern woman.”

Rather than your typical fashion show, Wong provided stand-in models within the house to create a a stronger visual — and it worked.

The collection was unveiled in 7 groups: Jazz Baby, Zelda, St. Louis Blues, Gatsby, Puttin’ on the Ritz, Theda Vamp, and Flapper Wedding.  With each group including 6 looks, the visuals were compelling and .