Zanoni Hip-Hop spreads love and light to Conscious Influencers


zanoni-hiphop-music-Album-2Whether it’s a legend like Saul Williams or more underground artists, conscious hip-hop emcee Zanoni credits his influencers with paving the way to enlightenment and gratitude.  Ultimately inspiring and encouraging his newest album “Begetting Barbelith”

Zanoni shares his thoughts on influencers:  K-OS, Sol.illaquists of Sound, Chances R Good, Busdriver, Myka 9, S.K.I.P., Blackalicious.

K-OS: Like Saul Williams, K-OS has helped to break through the  parameters of hip-hop and shift the energy from the head to the heart.  Hip-hop in general can get quite cerebral, and K-OS is able to combine wise rhymes with singing that touches the soul.  He’s also a scholar of  Jiddu Krishnamurti, who’s one of my favorite philosophers.  K-OS is able to incorporate his philosophical studies into his rhymes as I try to do with my music as well.

Sol.illaquists of Sound: I love everything that this hip-hop quartet  stands for!  Swamburger’s hard-hitting rhymes are nicely balanced by Alexandrah’s melodic voice.  Their song “Mark It Place” could probably start a revolution on its own (if the radio stations were willing to play it), and their album “No More Heroes” is a  hip-hop classic from beginning to end.

Chances R Good: This brother needs way more attention!  He’s one of my favorite emcees out there at the moment.  Super-chill style with well insightful content.  So much wisdom in his rhymes, and he provides beautiful, uplifting music to simply sit back and enjoy life to.  Please support his albums available on Bandcamp as he’s one of the primary emcees out there solely set upon enlightening and helping the world.

Busdriver & Myka 9: As far as I’m concerned, these two emcees are tied for “Best Rhythmical Rappers” in hip-hop’s history!  They are truly masters of the craft.

Busdriver’s lyrics are hilarious, and you might need to read them despite his clear diction due to his ability to flip words so quickly.  Myka 9’s right alongside him ability-wise but can also play it super cool with his delivery.  His somewhat recent songs “1969”, which is a retrospect of that year, and “Inner Knowing” can’t help but bring me joy every time I hear them.

S.K.I.P.: Another inspirational lyricist out to save the world!  Intricate rhythmical patterns and thoughtful poetic content.  His song “Chicken Little” about the journey of a chicken through a factory farm needs to be heard.

Blackalicious: Gift of Gab from this duo is most certainly one of the greatest emcees to grace the planet.  “Blazing Arrow” remains one of my all-time favorite hip-hop albums, and some of Gift of Gab’s solo songs like “Rich Man, Poor Man” are beautifully constructed.  Gift of Gab is by far one of the best writers and deliverers past and present.

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