The Maniac Agenda: You Know their Music, meet the Maniacs


The-Maniac-AgendaChances are you’ve felt it in your hands.  Rage, tension and ultimately triumph as you race and fight your way to victory in the uber-acclaimed video game series Metal Gear.  But did you know that The Maniac Agenda produced the music coursing through your veins during the Metal Gear Rising?  In a few short weeks there will be a electronic rock revolution as The Maniac Agenda’s newest album is released later this spring.

Whether it’s as the music producers of the aforementioned Metal Gear Rising or last year winning the the Halo International Grand Prize, or even just from any number of the music they’ve mixed or collaborated on in the past years, you know The Maniacs work.  But do you know the Maniacs?

Much like the music they create, there is just as much danger in their lives.  Why do they put themselves through it?  Easy.  Because they love it.  And if their music helps their listeners get through battles as well — well, that’s the whole point, right?

The Maniacs Dennis, Antonio and Rizzo are headquartered on the East Coast in the most dangerous city in the country. Their studio space is covered in everything from Assassins Creed 2 to Queen of the Damned.  Inspiration surrounds them as they write, mix, and produce futuristic beats for their next album.

With over a dozen awards from all around the world and collaborators lining up to share some rock-loving, The Maniac Agenda is confident in their voice which just leads them further into temptation.  Looking for new ways to bend sounds, lyrics and the messages they want to share.  It all begins with three guys lucky enough to make the music they want to do, with a growing fanbase who can’t wait to hear their next work. But don’t think they take their good fortune for granted.  Everyday they work harder, fueled by the passion in their art and the hope to blow away their listeners.

Stay turned over the next few days as The Maniacs are revealed.

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