Zanoni Speaks his Soul [Part 2 of 2]


Zanoni-HipHop-Music-AlbumZanoni is a hip-hop artist bringing a 21st century feel to the proud tradition of “conscious hip-hop”.  While the music and beats flow just as smooth as his contemporaries, the message makes all the difference.

This article is continued from yesterday’s part one.

“The reason I myself do hip-hop is because I feel my approach and content is different from other emcees and is a voice that needs to be heard as well.  As Dead Prez says, ‘It’s bigger than hip-hop!’ and that definitely rings true for me.  I have no interest in self-glorification but am solely focused on improving the world.”

It seems Zanoni’s message reaches wider than many audiences may have realized.  From music, to passion, to a civil unrest begging to be recognized.  The Conscious Emcee has found a need; and now he creates music especially to fill that need.

“In order for my voice to be heard, that does require a bit of promotion, but every bit of it is centered upon the movement at large.  In my view, there’s such a dearth of conscious lyricists out there that we need all the help we can get.  In Chicago I work with incarcerated youth, and it’s apparent that gangsta rap is pretty much their soundtrack for doing what they do.  I have a utopian hope that a non-profit organization will emerge that distributes conscious hip-hop to gang culture and petitions radios to play this music which isn’t being heard and could have a major impact on the minds of the youth the same way that gangsta rap influences them negatively.”

While Zanoni is quick to downplay his own intentions, he highlights Conscious Hip-hop’s  history and mentors with a zeal that shows his earnestness for the genre.

“In order to support this movement, I strongly encourage you to go out and purchase a classic progressive hip-hop album such as Saul Williams’ “Amethyst Rock Star”, Sage Francis’ “Personal Journals”, or Blackalicious’ “Blazing Arrow” or vote with your dollar for a world you want by buying a more recent record such as Brother Ali’s “Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color”, one of Chances R Good’s albums, or my own recent release “Begetting Barbelith”.

Supporting this movement financially is crucial; but, possibly more important, is expressing what we want to those who control the media and airwaves.

This is part two of a two-part series featuring conscious hip-hop artist Zanoni.  Click here for part one.

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