Celebrate Nat’l Cheesesteak Day, Right Way, In LA


National-Cheesesteak-Day-LosAngelesNational Cheesesteak Day is here and the only proper way Angelenos can break away from the diet is to enjoy one of the best sandwiches in Southern California.  Here are a few local ideas:

The Philly cheesesteak sandwich really is an ethereal creation, with it’s ultimate combo of meat, cheese, and grilled veggies on an Amoroso roll. Here are 5 great places to find them in Los Angeles.

The South Philly Experience takes cheesesteaks on the road, making the iconic American sandwich available throughout the city. You can choose to top yours with cheese whiz, American or provolone, and have it “wit” or without onions. Specials include the buffalo cheesesteak with buffalo sauce and bleu cheese or the veggie Italian with broccoli rabe, roasted peppers, onions and provolone.

North Hollywood hoagie-slinger Philadelphia Sandwiches makes theirs with tender steak smothered with grilled onions and then topped with melted cheese served on a crispy French roll.

National-Cheesesteak-Day-LosAngeles-1M Cafe brings their macro-fied version of the cheesteak around as a special every once in a while, as does Tony’s Darts Away.

Uber-eaters can experience Jose Andres work at The Bazaar.  Andres puts his modernist spin on the classic Philly by filling a mini baguette with liquid cheese, then topping it with thinly-sliced wagyu beef. As soon as you bite into it, molten cheese oozes out. Mind = blown — literally.

The first Capriotti’s opened in Delaware in 1976, and since then they’ve expanded to offer their massive delicious subs across the country. One of their signature hot sandwiches is the Philly Cheesesteak, made with grilled steak and melted white American cheese. You can also add mushrooms, onions, or hot peppers to spice it up.