Zanoni Brings Peace With His Words


Album-1On any given day, we are doused with negativity through media.  Anger and outrage unleashed because it sells and keeps us watching and listening for more.  However conscious society now goes through more effort to free ourselves and find our individual needs to cleanse – our mind, body and soul.  For decades, music has been a solution; and it’s needed now more than ever.

Zanoni is an emerging voice in the new music revolution to enhance our lives, passions and even work.  Sliding away are the times of anger and degradation and coming to the forefront are peace, respect and happiness.  The words and the message are clearer than ever.  We take a moment to meet the poet who delivers them so graciously for us.

Zanoni is an enlightened individual.  Having started both meditation and a study of Eastern philosophy in his teens, he now strives for mental purity; and his music is one basis behind that exercise.  He’s not influenced; he doesn’t watch TV or listen to the radio.  Instead he formulates his thoughts with a free mind.  Then sends out his thoughts through an easy-flowing beat with an intention to float you through your worries.

Listening to Zanoni can be a transformative experience.  The rhythm lifts us up, while the lyrics keep us centered.  Enlightened, aroused, at ease.  It’s a message that we need delivered today.  While rush hour commutes burden our mind, the music creates a freedom to think and wonder.  While fast food can torment our bodies, we can express movement to the rhythm and beats; together freeing our mind and spirit.

In corporations, culture is becoming key.  Modern workplaces are designed for health; nutritious meals, even management therapy sessions where co-workers can voice grievances in healthier ways.  While Zanoni is far from corporate, he brings a much-needed and recognized sound and feel to this culture. A healthy release and cleansing with many flavors and feels.

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