Zanoni’s Music Brings Water to the World


Zanoni-Hip-Hop-MusicHip-Hop emcee Zanoni preaches consciousness and goodwill in his lyrics.  Today he takes another step toward global aid and serenity as he supports The Water Project.  For each download of Zanoni’s newest album Begetting Barbelith, proceeds will go to The Water Project which helps bring clean water to Africa.

“It is important to me to give back and support issues that I believe in,” Zanoni continues, “And globally, everyone deserves clean water.  If my music and my fans can help one person, or even a village, then it’s important that we do.”

Nearly one billion people lack a source of clean, safe drinking water.  Safe water helps keep hands clean and bodies healthy.  Safe water also reduces sick time and keeps people active — whether it’s a student going to school or adults working to create better lives.

The Water Project is a non-profit organization bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and sanitation.  Started in 2009, today they’re working in five countries and helping hundreds of people find access to safe water and sanitation every week by funding water wells and other safe water projects.


Zanoni recognizes these global needs and leads by example.  His music is meant to inspire, enlighten and uplift.  But in addition to that, it’s to raise awareness.  When you download a copy of “Begetting Barbelith” 50% of the proceeds go directly to The Water Project.  Download it here.

Zanoni explains: “My music is designed to create a more conscious and thoughtful world and to inspire listeners to pry deeper beneath Life’s surface.”  He furthers that just as music reaches everyone, so can outreach and so must goodwill.  One world, one people, clean water for each and all.

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To learn more about The Water Project, click here