Singer-songwriter Sienna Spalding Thrives on ‘Girl Power’


Sienna-Spalding-singerSpinning through the air, she makes it look effortless yet intense.  As she lands on her feet, rather than looking flushed, tired, like most of us would, she holds a big smile.  Taking a moment to look back at the pole, almost studying her moves and judging her own performance.  This is Sienna Spalding.  While her moves do have plenty of power, what she promotes most is a new brand of Girl Power.

Sienna Spalding is a Los Angeles-based performer who has carved-out a coveted niche for herself as a singer/songwriter, fashionista and…umm..pole dancer.  No, it’s not like that.  Actually, it’s entirely like that.  But not in that way.

Sienna explains: “I didn’t always have the body I wanted.  Sometimes I didn’t even know what body I wanted.  When I started following my passion, that created my body and I learned to both love myself and the body I have.”

Sienna spent her teen years in Boca Raton, FL with her family before taking the plunge to the West Coast.  Growing up, she sang, danced and loved gymnastics.  Quickly upon moving she found herself playing around on the pole and noticed a link to her childhood of gymnastics.

Sienna Spalding talks about pole-dancing: “Yeah, it’s sexy.  It’s definitely super sexy.  But that’s not what it has to be and it’s definitely not the only thing it can be.  It’s fitness, it’s health, it’s fun, it’s art, it’s gymnastics.”

sienna-spaldng-songwriterStanding almost like a superhero, she explains how the workout shapes her body.  The sense of confidence and pride she receives from feeling so good and wishing she could share it with more girls.

A little bit later, Sienna stresses over one of her best girlfriends who seemingly has body issue problems.   Unfortunately, like most women, she doesn’t recognize or at least believe that she is beautiful.  The girl surrounds herself with people and media who put on the pressure of who to be and how to be it.

Sienna furthers: “I don’t understand hating.  As girls, that’s what we do all the time.  Knock somebody else so that we feel better.  But I don’t want that, I don’t do that and I’m trying to get my friends not to either.

Sienna spends a decent amount of her time spreading positivity among her friends and that often spills out to the world.  It’s a bolder, sexier girl power than the flower child of the 1960s or the Spice Girls routine of the 1990’s.  Simply put, a different medicine for a different era.

Meeting Sienna, one can understand why she might just be the needed leader for this generation of Girl Power.  Beautiful, smart, talented, confident.  During a moment she slips and turns into a giggle fit.  She peers out from the corner of her eyes and suddenly we’re introduced to the little girl inside this leader.  To lead a movement, it takes a girl that other girls can trust.  And yes, during this giggle fit is when we realize Sienna Spalding seems like a perfect candidate.

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