Singer Sienna Spalding Sounds off on Grammys


Grammys-Sienna-Spalding-singerThis weekend is the 2013 Grammy Awardsmusic’s biggest party of the year as generations of amazing performers come together to celebrate and honor the best in their industry. From Frank Ocean to Taylor Swift and veterans like Elton John and Sting.  Los Angeles performance fixture Sienna Spalding was asked to sound off on her favorites:

Song and Record of the Year:

“I think Fun’s “We are Young” should win for sure! This song is such a youthful anthem with a bittersweet feeling. When I first heard this song on Glee I cried! It made me feel like life is short and we need to take hold of opportunities in front of us and enjoy our youth while we still can. The melody is undeniable. It sounds like it came from heaven itself. This song hits what I call the “sweet spot” in music making where the combination of lyrics and melody strikes you through the heart and brings a tear to your eye because it is so beautiful. I will be sorely disappointed if it does not win at least one Grammy.”

Best Pop Vocal:

“I gotta go with my girl Pink’s The Truth About LoveHer powerful vocals and painfully realistic lyrics give everyone something to identify with. Pink somehow maintains the perfect juxtaposition of powerful strength and vulnerability that keeps me hanging on to her music year after year.”

Best Pop-Solo Performance:

Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” is my pick in this category. I cant help but get caught up and swept away by her unique vocal performances. Her voice is so distinctive and takes me to another place in time. I could listen to her forever.”

Best Pop-Duo/Group Performance

“Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) I choose LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It” because it reminds me of something I would write myself! Sometimes the more fun, silly, and lighthearted music groups dont get as much credit as other more “serious” artists. However there is just as much art in “Sexy and I Know It” as any other song! LMFAO makes me smile. Their bright colors, 80’s inspired dress, and wild antics on stage make me want to enjoy life!!”

Big thank you to singer/songwriter/performer Sienna Spalding for taking a moment to share her Grammy thoughts.  Learn more about Sienna by visiting her website, find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.