ONCEKids Launches ‘Rainbow Panda’ with Chinese New Year Party


RainbowPandaThe countdown begins for the exciting celebration of the Chinese New Year 2013 —the year of the Water Snake. In honor of Asia’s most celebrated holiday, ONCEKids will host a grand Twitter party inviting friends, media and guests from around the world to join in the celebration.

ONCEKids’ twitter parties, hosted by Ideea Factory out of Los Angeles, California, have become so large that the last Twitter party marking the return to school shut down their Twitter account. The Asian New Year’s Celebration Twitter party, scheduled for February 12, will be bigger and more far reaching than ever before with a host of fun activities, conversations and prizes.  Visit #oncekids on February 12 to join in the fun.

As part of the festivities, ONCEKids, Inc. will be launching their newest title in its multi-award winning children’s books, Fujimini Adventure Series, “Rainbow Panda and the Firecracker Fiasco”. The story introduces readers to Rainbow Panda, the newest character to the Fujimini family of adorable animals and celebrates the Asian New Year with the traditional use of firecrackers to mark important celebrations.

RainbowPanda-FirecrackerFiascoIt’s the eve of the Asian New Year and all the animals are getting ready for the big celebration. They are sweeping, cleaning, planting flowers, writing on ribbons, and preparing food. Rainbow Panda looks forward to the fireworks display but wants to create his own fireworks show. He sets a plan in motion and tries to get the green and pink hamsters to join him.

They have each been reprimanded by their parents that they are not to play with matches or firecrackers, but continue with their plan. When Rainbow Panda starts to light matches in the woods, he sets the forest on fire and all the adults come to help put out the fire. The Dynasty Dragon’s mom comes and turns a cloud into rain that puts out the fire.  Rainbow Panda, Dynasty Dragon, and both Green and Pink Hamster are given activities to clean up after the fire. They also volunteer for additional chores to show everyone that they are sorry for the fiasco that they started.

Written by award winning author Eileen Wacker, the series features a collection of Asian inspired animals, such as the Pink and Green Hamster, Red Penguin, Samurai Tortoise, Dynasty Dragon among other adorable animals, that all live on the magical Fujimini Island.  Each adventure-based story has an educational message and a happy ending. The series currently consists of 5 books that target the 5-8 year old reader. Each book contains a Fujimini Adventure Series Glossary that explains different Asian items found in the stories such as bonsai tree, chopsticks, sushi, moon festival, samurai warriors, etc. and adds to the fun of the stories.