LA Fitness Pro Jorge Perez visits The Fitness Expo 2013

A fan with fitness cover model Gregg Plitt

On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles January 20, more than 35,000 people made it down to the LA Convention Center for Fit Expo 2013 and spent time and money to learn more about fitness, nutrition, and exercise.

Is Anatomy destiny? The fitness world seems to think so. Flexing some of the business world’s biggest marketing muscles in order to cut into pieces of a $45.2 BILLION (gluten-free) pie, the FITEXPO posed in order to get noticed by more than 35,000 people at the downtown Los Angeles Convention Center.  Sponsored by, exhibitors presented foods, nutritional products and supplements. Sports and fitness personalities (one time MMA Champ Tito Ortiz, Fitness Cover Model Gregg Plitt, representatives of Gracie Jiu Jitsu) offered how to books/websites, demonstrations, and testimonials to lifestyles with which they’ve found varying levels of success.

LAFitnessExpo-2013Smartly timed to as if to take advantage of New(ish?) Year’s Resolutions, the crowds on Sunday were supportive of events ranging from demonstrations of CrossFit training methodologies, to chefs touting organic and earth friendly cookbooks, to fitness equipment sellers, to Sumo wrestling (a show of flexibility and balance, for sure.  Fitness? That was the debate question talked about by onlookers surrounding that demonstration).

Companies selling protein powder (whey, soy, vegan), power bars (both organic and non) handed out samples. GLUTEN and SUGAR FREE signs were featured on dozens of food booths.  Fashion and merchandising companies showcased their wares on tight-bodied models. All exhibitors were at the Expo intent on capitalizing on the desire to change, or showing off what has been changed, that is the inherent assumption of the fitness world.  The most inspirational call to action regarding eating healthy could be found on this t shirt “What you eat in PRIVATE, you WEAR in PUBLIC”. 

The crowd, mostly 19-45 (dozens of parents with grammar school age children, it should be noted) looked to be made up of people already espousing a fitness lifestyle (tight shirts and body revealing pants), or people about to take their first steps on a treadmill (tight shirts and body revealing pants).

Jorge C. Perez, a recent NYC transplant to Los Angeles, is a fitness expert with 10 years in the industry. He is an optioned screenwriter and produced NYC playwright in development on a scripted TV Series titled BODIES OF WORK-NYC.