TV Personality and Rocker Mark McGrath supports Inner City Youth with #1CUP


MarkMcGrath-1Cup-HollenbeckMark McGrath is a worldwide sensation known first as the lead singer to Sugar Ray, the best-selling pop band and also host of TV’s Extra.  Lending his support to Southern California youth and struggling inner-city families via Hollenbeck PAL’s 1 Cup Campaign.

Hollenback Pal is a community program in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles giving inner-city children a safe haven to learn, play and be mentored.  In addition, it’s a setting where parents and family members can learn life skills while allowing their children to build confidence and  learn independence, thriving in a protective environment.

“The effects of gangs, poverty, and absence of a parent have a devastating effect on our kids.”  McGrath continues, “Left neglected, our entire community suffers.  Thankfully the Hollenbeck Police Activities League is there changing lives.”

His words ring especially true to the children of Hollenbeck. A young student explains, “Sometimes we carry guns and knives.  Whatever we have to have to protect ourselves from other gangs out here.”  Another student continues, “People just come up to you and ask you what you got in your pockets.  Otherwise, they’re going to hurt you.”

Mark McGrath offers us a way to help provide support to these students and their families.  “For just one cup you can make a difference in a child’s life.”

To learn more about Hollenbeck Pal and the 1 Cup campaign, please visit their website here.  Also, like them on Facebook here and Follow their Twitter here.