Hollenbeck Salutes Mentorship from PAL All Stars: Ali, Cosby, Joel, Powell


pal-across-americaWhat do boxer Muhammad Ali, actor/comedian Bill Cosby, musician Billy Joel and honored statesman Colin Powell all have in common?  They were all students mentored by the Police Activities League, otherwise known as PAL. In our community it’s known as Hollenbeck PAL.

Well before he became “The Champ”, Muhammad Ali was Louisville, Kentucky-based young man needing guidance and finding skills and life direction from his PAL mentors.

PAL alumni Muhammad  Ali
PAL alumni Muhammad Ali

Before he was “The Piano Man”, acclaimed singer-songwriter William Martin Joel (later Billy Joel) was born in 1949 Bronx New York.  He went through the PAL program as a youth and took advantage of PAL mentors for discipline and a safe neighborhood for him to learn.

Long before Colin Powell made history as the first African American Secretary of State and the first African American to serve on the Join Chiefs of Staff, the now-retired 4-star general was a youth participant at New York’s PAL.  He was given safety, comfort and valued mentorship.

PAL alumni Billy Joel
PAL alumni Billy Joel

These are just a few present-day examples of how good youth programs like PAL can help shape young people onto the leaders of tomorrow. Now we ask for your support to help champion the youth of today, and create a brighter future. The 1 Cup Campaign, taking place now through January 2013 proves the value of every dollar donated to Hollenbeck Pal.  The idea is simple, if every Los Angeleno skipped their premium coffee (cost about $5) once per week and donated it to Hollenbeck Pal’s children’s program it would provide on-going support, safety, education and mentorship to the communities children.

To learn more about Hollenbeck Pal and the 1 Cup campaign, please visit their website here.  Also, like them on Facebook here and Follow their Twitter here.