A-List Story Teacher John Truby: Best & Worst Screenplays of 2012


Truby-2012screenplaysBelow world-renowned story teacher John Truby guest-blogs about 2012’s best and worst screenplays.

John Truby’s  2012 Screenplay Scorecard

Here’s my take so far on the scripts and films getting attention for the upcoming awards season. I’d love to hear your thoughts but, as one of our friends said in a recent post, it’s important to “play nice.”

Top of the class: Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, The Intouchables

Small, but textbook example of the screenwriter’s craft: Moonrise Kingdom

Bloated, undramatic, preachy, repetitive theater piece, with a slew of phony emotional moments, but the period detail is great: Lincoln

OK but over-rated: Life of Pi, Rust and Bone

Incredibly ambitious, but ultimately a mess in execution: The Dark Knight Rises

Tells a complete story, but why is this even being talked about for Best Script or Best Film? Zero Dark Thirty

Predictable addiction story with a great flight sequence and a totally unbelievable self-revelation: Flight

How not to write a social drama film: Promised Land

The torturers in Zero Dark Thirty made their victims watch this film: The Master

Unwatchable: Les Miserables, This Is 40