ONCEKids Momprenuer Eileen Wacker reacts to Newtown School Shooting


ONCEKids Publisher and Mompreneur Eileen Wacker comments on today’s Newtown School Shooting:

Newtown-schooting-oncekids-eileenwacker“Today a terrible tragedy occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT. Everyone is shocked and devastated by the news. It is too close to home, too penetrated into our safety zones. And the most innocent of all, the children, were gunned down in their classroom. How can the families, the school, the town recover? The answer is they can’t and maybe they shouldn’t. We should be so outraged that we cause a change so this does not happen again.”

NewtownShooting-ONCEKids-EileenWacker“But the real point of this note is to let the families know, we can’t know your pain or absorb your pain but we are not going on with our day as usual.  There is more than a pause. We are standing still as statues and reflecting. We will not go on with our day as usual when you are experiencing the worst day of your life, a day you will never recover from, a day you will never understand.”

“So as a mother of four, I am sorry beyond belief and scared to my core. I want everyone who is not going on with their day as usual to tweet this to as many people as they know. We want the families to know we support them in their grief.”

Eileen Wacker is the Publisher of the acclaimed childrens’ series Fujimini Adventure Series.  Follow her thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.