Actor Ed Begley Jr gives 1 Cup to Support East LA Children


EdBegleyJr-HollenbeckPal-1CupActor and Activist Ed Begley, Jr. has used his talent and charisma to bring attention to worthy causes.  The St. Elsewhere TV star is a tireless crusader of human rights and the environment.  Now Begley supports the future of Los Angeles by proudly speaking out on behalf of Hollenbeck Pal’s 1 Cup Campaign.

Hollenback Pal is a community program in East Los Angeles giving inner-city children a safe haven to learn, play and be mentored.  In addition, it’s a setting where parents and family members can learn life skills while allowing their children to build confidence and  learn independence, thriving in a protective environment.

The 1 Cup campaign reaches children, their parents and families in general.  One proud mother explains: “With 1 cup I learn better skills to become a better parent.”  Begley, himself a father, can relate to always striving to be a better parent.  Hollenbeck Pal’s parenting classes do well and need help to continue.

Lastly, as an actor Begley has an expert understanding of the uses for the medium of television.  One of the children in the editing bay explains: “With 1 cup, I get to learn video production.”  The Good News Kids is an original video series produced by the kids of Hollenbeck Pal.  It’s another avenue of education, mentorship and a safe creative outlet that is a thriving success, but need support to continue on.

Ed Begley Jr’s video is below.

To learn more about Hollenbeck Pal and the 1 Cup campaign, please visit their website here.  Also, like the on Facebook here and Follow their Twitter here.