E! News Star Ken Baker Saves 1 Cup to Benefit East LA Children


KenBaker-HollenbeckPal-1CUPAuthor and TV personality Ken Baker is known to many for his news work at ABC television, People Magazine, and now especially fans of E! Entertainment television. He has reported on celebrity, luxury and the good life.  And today he uses his audience to help strong causes like Hollenbeck Pal’s 1 Cup Campaign.

Hollenbeck Pal is a community program in East Los Angeles that gives children a safe haven to learn, play and be mentored by caring adults.  In addition, it’s a setting where families feel safe to allow their children play while being protected.

Baker explains, “It just takes one cup to provide a safe haven.”  The 1 Cup Campaign, taking place now through January 2013 proves the value of every dollar donated to Hollenbeck Pal.  The idea is simple, if every Los Angeleno skipped their premium coffee (cost about $5) once per week and donated it to Hollenbeck Pal’s children’s program it would provide on-going support, safety, education and mentorship to the communities children.

Over the holidays, family is emphasized more than ever.  The Hollenback program emphasizes safety and education to our loved ones.  When considering holiday giving, please consider this East LA family program that provides so much on-going support for those in need.

Ken Baker’s video is below.

To learn more about Hollenbeck Pal and the 1 Cup campaign, please visit their website here.  Also, like them on Facebook here and Follow their Twitter here.