Hollenbeck PAL’s 1 Cup Campaign Changes Lives


HollenbeckPAL-1Cup-CampaignBy believing in a young person, and allowing them to dream, you can change their life…forever.

Many communities in California suffer from lack of opportunities. In some neighboring communities of East Los Angeles, that is especially true, and often, it is where help is needed the most.  Worse yet, innocent children are affected and many succumb to the negative allures of the streets, too often translating into gang activity, juvenile delinquency, and poverty.  That shouldn’t happen and that can’t happen.

For well over a decade, Hollenbeck PAL has been working hard to make sure it no longer happens.  They have been at the forefront of the battle to provide children with the opportunities they need to succeed in life, to give them a sense of worth, and to allow them to dream big!

Right now Hollenbeck PAL is inviting you to give back and be a part of the solution! It’s easy.

Hollenbeck PAL’s 1 Cup Campaign is a simple yet innovative campaign based on the essential truth that we all drink coffee. Many people stop at premium coffee shops to get their fill, and what this campaign does is get people to symbolically give up that cup of coffee and donate that cost to help change a young persons life.


Proceeds go to fund Hollenbeck PAL’s programs that include: Mentoring, Sports for Kids, Get It Straight, Top Cop, and The Good News Kids (a unique program that teaches kids leadership through video production and storytelling)


With just 1 cup, you will enable a young boy or girl to acquire positive new skills and behaviors, parents to gain new tools to help their families succeed, neighborhoods to grow stronger, communities to becomes safer, and ultimately an entire city to THRIVE!…Indeed we all thrive!

Hollenbeck PAL has received strong support from some of L.A.’s most influential leaders in the entertainment, sports, and business community-leaders like NHL Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille, actor Edward James Olmosactor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., rock star and TV host Mark McGrath, local hero and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and many others.

But the work has just begun. With just one moment of your time, with just one cup, you can make a real difference in the life of a young person.

Hollenbeck PAL’s 1 Cup runs now through January. Learn more about Hollenbeck PAL by visiting their website, like them on Facebook here, Follow Hollenbeck PAL on twitter, and enjoy their videos on YouTube.