Hurricane Sandy: Are YOU Ready For It?


Sirens blair and emergency signals send notice for evacuation!  As we speak, the East Coast is hunkering down and preparing for the worst as the beginning of what might be a 3-day category 1 storm launches across the coastline.  Hurricane Sandy continues to call attention and frighten citizens.  So how can concerned citizens find additional help and safety using their smart phone.

Download the Hurricane Tracker app, which delivers the latest forecasts and National Hurricane Center data on the storm’s path right to your iPhone. Also included: relevant Twitter feeds from storm centers, meteorologists and others.

Download iMap Weather Radio, an iOS and Android app which can track your location or follow a set of locations you select. If a weather alert is issued for the location you’ve entered, the app will automatically alert you. It’ll also let you tune in to local weather television broadcasts.

As you may know from previous emergencies, we are a fan of the traditional Red Cross. The Red Cross has a feature-packed and useful Hurricane app for iOS and Android with myriad features: It tracks weather information, it lets you broadcast an “I’m safe” message to friends and family with one button, and, if you need to evacuate your home, it maps the nearest Red Cross shelter. It also has a list of steps to take in case of an emergency. Hopefully, you won’t have to use most of these features.

Lastly, and possibly most basic.  Do you have a flashlight?  Does it have fresh batteries?  But for a quick backup solution, download a Flashlight app to turn your phone’s camera flash into a solid beam of light.

It’s already windy.  It’s about to get very wet.  Stay safe out there, fellow citizen!  And hey, take some pictures.