Sponsorship in Los Angeles: Ideea Factory discusses Banks


Ideea Factory continues to be Los Angeles’ premiere sponsorship liaison for the past several years; working with food, wine, liquor, travel and sports brands and events.  The company connects over 750,000 brands worldwide with partnered entertainment and lifestyle companies: authors, artists, charities entrepreneurs, web videos.

We recently sat down with Ideea Factory CEO Joe Wehinger to understand new sponsorship trends.  Today’s conversation is about bank relations with sponsorships.

Money has a relationship with consumers that is far more personal that most items.  As a result, banking is an industry that has a huge opportunity to truly engage people in experiences that will build lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.

Below Wehinger details five ways any bank throughout the nation can build mutually rewarding customer relationships and become a champion for their customers:

1.  Champion customer needs by engaging conversations on “what the costumer want to do” rather than “what we have to sell them”

2.  Give people credit.  They  know how they like to use their money.  One way to show them respect, is by creating a culture of choice that allows people to customize their accounts and services. 

3. You can become a valuable resource that champions people’s desire to do something with their money. A great example of this is Think Nike+ for money.

4. Create communities for like-minded customers to feel comfortable sharing financial advice with each other and also with the bank.

5. Empower employees to act in the best interest of their customers and reward them based on their personal contributions to the relationships they have.

Thank you Joe Wehinger for the advice.  See you next time.  To reach Joe and Ideea Factory, contact them through email, on Facebook or through Twitter.