Street Art Kickstarts for Piece Fest 2012


On October 12, 2012 art takes over The Graff Lab as thousands of artists, enthusiasts and the public will fill the space creating, enjoying and learning street art with Piece Fest 2012.  But thanks to the event’s producers, you can become involved as early as right now.  Click here to learn about the Piece Fest 2012 Kickstarter campaign

Piece Fest is about art and expressing yourself through art.  An important element with Piece Fest is recognizing art in your every day life.  That’s the beauty of street art.  It follows you home, can inspire you from outside your bedroom window; if you’re lucky you can even find it near your office to inspire your day.  Creating beautiful expressions is a link from reality toward inspiration and something anyone can do.  Piece Fest celebrates and encourages this.

Now the link is extended one dimension further as Piece Fest launches a Kickstarter campaign geared towards bringing the audience even deeper into the experience.  For nominal increments, lovers of art can invest their passions into the idea of street art, the event itself, and the on-going TV series covering the artistic form about the artists’ battles called “The Chosen One”.  Click here to visit the Piece Fest Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter has been known to crowd-fund millions of dollars for artistic and creative endeavors.  But Piece Fest is only looking for a few thousand ($13,000 to be exact) and they’re offering some pretty great incentives.  For the more modest budgets: social media mentions and event t-shirts, value raises for celebrity video shout-outs and numbered limited edition event lithograph poster.  For true art enthusiasts, the bigger prizes are a must.  They include combinations of the event lithograph poster, a limited edition lithograph poster for the TV Show  “The Chosen One”, designed by Kelly “Risk” Graval, the opportunity to meet these famed artists.  Some of the biggest prizes include a studio recording session with DJ Lethal and meeting TV and movie star Corin Nemec for a special dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, CA.

To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign and to invest into art as well as these amazing experiences, click here.

This fun, celebration of art and family-friendly event will take place at The Graff Lab, 1038 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90015

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