Java Monster Partners to bring Flavor to Piece Fest


Piece Fest 2012 is gearing up to be a high-energy, fun-fueled day of art, friendly competition and culture.  Java Monster, newly-announced Main Sponsor, will contribute to the energy and fuel by providing what they do best: their high-octane drinks and presence inside the stage and VIP areas.

When does street art happen?  In the shadows of night?  Maybe in the magic hour of sunset?  Or during the scorching heat of the afternoon? Truth is, art can be created any time.  That’s why Piece Fest saw a perfect partnership with Java Monster, the coffee-flavored energy drink that will keep any artist awake and alert as they bring their images to the world, or at least to a street near you.
Java Monster has embraced the idea and come on as the Main Sponsor to Piece Fest 2012, pouring their pumping juice all around the festival,  including the VIP and stage areas with plenty of giveaways throughout the day.
Piece Fest attendees will get a chance to taste several of Java Monster’s most popular flavors including Mean Bean and Mocha.  The delicious art fuel contains “half the caffeine of regular coffee, twice the buzz.”  All we know for sure is, plenty will be on hand October 13, and everyone is invited to taste, gulp and chug.
This fun, celebration of art and family-friendly event will take place at The Graff Lab, 1038 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90015.