Piece Fest Picks up TV Pilot for October 13 Event

Corin Nemec (L) with David Faustino

Shortly after Piece Fest’s launch announcement, a pilot television episode has now been ordered and is scheduled to shoot during the live event October 13 at The Graff Lab in Los Angeles featuring world-renowned artists, celebrities Corin Nemec, David Faustino and Executive Produced by David Arquette.

When a cavalcade of TV and movie stars join together, Hollywood’s cameras often come following. This is just what has happened following Piece Fest’s event announcement. Add into the mix, creative contributions from hundreds of the world’s best (and some unknown) street artists and the decision seems obvious.

Corin Nemec (L) with David Faustino

The TV show’s pilot will center around the most important aspect of Graffiti Art as an experience: the Graffiti Battle, when two or more artists go head to head for industry respect and a display of passion for the art form.

Piece Fest co-founder Omen Ferdowsi furthers: “Now we have the chance to not only do a TV show true to graffiti as an art-form and movement, but also to raise money and awareness for a cause worthy of that movement.”

Piece Fest benefits the Pico Union Housing Corp, which provides facilities and social services to enrich the Los Angeles community.

Every Day Tomorrow Pictures is the front-line production company behind Piece Fest. With several projects in development, now including Piece Fest’s pilot episode, their 2013 slate looks to be filling up with strong potential.

This event’s artistic endeavor, fueled by creative minds, celebrities giving back and the unified need to do good will take place at The Graff Lab, 1038 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90015

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