Truby Writers Studio hosts Facebook and Twitter Emmy Conversation Sept 24


JohnTruby-Emmy-2012The 2012 Emmy Awards will unveil live in just a few days on Sunday September 23.  Many of TV’s biggest fans cheer, scoff and debate loudly at the night’s big winners and losers.  Be part of the fun by joining Truby’s Writers Studio on-line the following night at our Facebook and Twitter Emmy Conversation.

Monday night September 24 from 7-8pm PST, Truby’s Writers Studio will host a Facebook and Twitter Conversation celebrating the Emmys.  Who won?  Who lost?  The shocking surprises.  And of course, hear John Truby’s opinions of Television’s biggest night.

For the past many years Truby’s Writers Studio has led the industry with cutting edge technology to bring tips and ideas to writers in helping to write screenplays to sell. Story guru John Truby continues to reach out to his audience in more ways than ever.

Throughout Monday’s conversation, writers and fans will converse on different TV shows, actors, actresses and of course — the story and its writers — whether the Emmy voters made the right choices.

In true Truby celebration, prizes will be awarded throughout the nightHundreds of dollars worth of both the TV drama and TV sitcom class will be presented.  Both downloadable classes contain hours of instruction, examples and lessons that the Truby’s Writers Studio brand has been renowned for over the past 30 years.

And lastly, A-list story guru John Truby himself will make a special appearance at the end of the conversation.  Ten lucky participants will receive an interactive live chat with him.