Comedy Juice All-Stars Album quenches a Funny Thirst


Hollywood humor institution Comedy Juice releases their first-ever live album, a compilation of hilarity that spans several years of on-stage performances featuring Hannibal Buress, Ben Gleib, Dov Davidoff and more!

The question is, can the purity and fun of Comedy Juice be squeezed onto an album?  We investigate below.

Compliment The Supplement

Most of the time, when you’re listening to something you’re doing other things as well.  Driving, exercising, working.  However, at a comedy club, you might be watching, drinking, eating.  But usually, you’re full attention is on the performance.

This album is a case where your mind strives to connect with the visual.  What’s the face he’s making.  How are his arms waving?  It becomes a metaphysical journey to the funny bone.  And the Comedy Juice All-Stars are your pilots.  Enjoy the ride.

Warning: Not for Everyone

It is raunchier than I ever expected.  For some, that’s a selling point.  For those with a timid sensibility:  Wow.  This one element highlights these comics more than anything else.  The material is clearly racy, but they deliver such a strong element of humanity in their live performances, that it’s not noticed as much.  But boy is it noticed with just words

If you’ve seen Comedy Juice three times or more, you need this album.  If you enjoy live comedy, do yourself a favor and grab the album.  Lastly and most interestingly, if you’re a student of comedy.  Someone who aspires to be a comic, but doesn’t live in LA.  Well, by God, buy this album!