A Look Back: The London 2012 Summer Olympics PART: 2


As we discovered yesterday, yes the 2012 London Summer Olympics were a hit.  But that makes our job even more difficult.  How do you parse down several weeks into just a few hundred words when so much of is was spectacular?  Oh well..  We’ll keep trying below…

Another highlight was Harry Potter author JK Rowling reading from Peter Pan, before a team of hundreds of children performed a piece representing the wealth of children’s literature from Great Britain.

An unsung hero of the modern age, and a key player in the digital revolution, Londoner Tim Berners-Lee made a guest appearance in the Ceremony, live tweeting “This is for everyone”.

The mood changed, as we were treated to the view of David Beckham sweeping along the Thameson a speedboat.

What about the amazing music that played throughout? So many great British musicians were given a moment in the spotlight: from Elgar to Underworld; from Charles Parry to the Arctic Monkeys; from the Sex Pistols to Dizzee Rascal.

Finally the social media.

Most notably, Facebook saw over 116 million posts and comments relating to the Olympics games, and collectively, athletes added an impressive 12.2 million likes to their Pages.

On July 31, the day Michael Phelps became the most-decorated Olympian, we saw an increase of more than 1200% in the volume of mentions containing his nickname, “Baltimore bullet.”

Female fans led this charge, with a 2700% increase in mentions of the nickname – though men helped the cause with a 925% increase. And, perhaps not surprising, Phelps’ home-state Maryland showed pride in their medal-studded “Baltimore bullet,” with the largest increase across states all the states, at 2800%.