A Look Back: The London 2012 Summer Olympics PART: 1


By most accounts this year’s London 2012 Summer Olympics were a huge success.  From Danny Boyle’s magnum opus Opening Night impressive display of the history and culture of Great Britain.  To the awards, drama and insight from the globe’s players.

To start things off, winner of the Tour de France Londoner Bradley Wiggins rings the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world, at 23-tons, cast by the Whitechapel Bell Company in 1570.

Actor Kenneth Branagh’s “Isle is full of noises” speech during the opening ceremony was fantastic. He was representing Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an engineer responsible for many of the UK’s bridges and dockyards.

Have you ever seen a better one-finger ostinato than that performed by Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean? It was one of several very funny moments, but behind it all was the London Symphony Orchestra, with Vangelis’ tune from Chariots of Fire swelling under the baton of Sir Simon Rattle.

Another brilliant comic turn, this time from HM The Queen herself. James Bond actor Daniel Craig took a trip to Buckingham Palace before executing a spectacular party entrance by jumping from a helicopter.

To find more highlights from the 2012 London Olympics, be sure to check in tomorrow