Twitter: Celebrate Father’s Day by Following Great Dads


It’s about to be Father’s Day in just a few short hours.  And if you’re like me, the one guy you always have to follow is your Dad.  Wisdom, insight, humor.  For the best guidance we follow our dads.  So it’s appropriate that there are some great dads on Twitter.  Take a look at the below list, follow them, and enjoy their fatherly pearls of wisdom.

@shitmydadsays – over 3 million followers

Sam Halpern doesn’t actually tweet himself. Instead, his son Justin shares many of the instantly quotable jibes that come forth from his seventy-something brain. The endlessly retweetable missives have brought in millions of followers.

@SeanPlatt – over 7,000 followers

Sean Platt is the dad behind Children Write The Future, a project to help kids learn to write well. It’s clear he really cares about his kids and family and wants the best lives possible for them.

@craftydad – over 900 followers

Mike has a blog dedicated to the art of crafting and making stuff.  Though he says it can be difficult to pull himself away from his crafting to spend time with his family, it’d be pretty cool to have an old man capable of making his own soap.  On Twitter, Mike dispenses some solid life advice and generally seems like a pretty nice fellow.

@ballibeg – a hair over 50o followers

David Payne, the Argyll, Scotland, resident undertook a writing project with his daughter Martha. Seeking for something to write every day, the nine-year-old opted to chronicle her school lunches on her blog, NeverSeconds.

Shortly after she started posting about the awful lunches, her school offered more healthy options for the kids. Thanks to her dad’s encouragement, not only has Martha changed school meals for the better, she’s raised tens of thousands of dollars to help feed students in Third World countries.

And now, the rockstar ( and TV star)

@ActuallyNPH – 3,590,327 followers

There are few more awesome people on the planet than Neil Patrick Harris.  The actor, singer, and magician has infant twins with his partner David Burtka.