Fight To Live Rally Cry Puts a Face to Disease


FightToLive-IllnessA sneeze, a cough, a headache.  A simple head cold can ruin your week. You’ll drive across town and pay double the sticker price just to feel better a few days earlier than expected.  But when your illness doesn’t have a proven remedy or price other than “unknown”, suddenly perspective shifts.  This is the case for the majority of Americans suffering from scary words like Cancer, Diabetes, Sclerosis.  For too long, the sufferers have been over-looked as hope slowly fades away from them.  But today hope is called Fight!  The organization is Fight to Live.  And their rally cry is loud and heard from afar.

Three crucial elements toward medicinal resolution for fatal sufferers have already been identified:  the ill sufferer, the healing medicine, and the gate-keeping approval process of the Food and Drug Administration.  In present-day America, the distance between the three is often defined by over $300 million to $1 Billion in development and research financing and a timeline that spans 3 to 20 years. A daunting equation, to be sure.

FightToLive-PatientThe fourth and potentially final piece of the puzzle needs to be a change agent with the practical knowledge of both medicine and the FDA approval process as well as the influence to effect them both.  Organization Fight to Live is that revolutionary change agent.  Having addressed the science and government, Fight to Live extends its focus on the sufferer.  The most common complaint that sufferers and caregivers share is feeling alone.  They have questions, but not answers.  They have fear, but not support.  Simply put, their voice is not heard.

That changes today.

FightToLive-doctorIllness now has an un-fading identity.  Yours.  Your face, your name, your story.  And together, we march for justice and health. Fight to Live has been working for over five years on the sufferer’s behalf.  Enlisting veteran and respected doctors, scientists, politicians who are outspoken, credible and on the sufferer’s side. The team gains strength with every moment, but still needs the voices of the sufferers and those who love and care for them.

Fight to Live wants to find sufferers and include them, building numbers that no one can ignore – business, industry, political.

To join Fight to Live community is simple.  Find them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter here.  Meet, discuss, be heard.


  1. Thank you for the information about the Fight to Live organization. I haven’t heard too much about them but would love to know more about helping in this cause that really affects everyone in America.