Eileen Wacker will Lead Digital Education Talk at Book Expo

Eileen Wacker of ONCEkids will be at BookExpo
ONCEKids CEO Eileen Wacker

Digital education thought leader and author Eileen Wacker will present at Book Expo America in New York June 4-7 2012.  Her stories, insights and vision make her a must-attend for any author or publishing and media company as they embark on the future of the digital age.  She’ll be signing her newest books on June 5th.

From Wacker’s background in global literacy, her current experiences in digital publishing and her on-going successes hands-on in the classroom as a speaker and featured guest, she is a respected figure trusted throughout the country to transition educational systems into the modern day.

iPads and other electronic hand-held tablets are rapidly becoming more prevalent with traditional books having an electronic version almost simultaneously.  Academic professionals and educators are working to keep pace with the industry changes.”  Wacker continues, “We are excited about the transitions, and are often in classrooms talking about the changes to both teachers and students.”

As a mother of four, Eileen Wacker’s passion toward aligning children and education is evident.  Eileen-Wacker-School-KidsHer hope is to enhance the teacher’s role and give them the power, tools and ability to continue inspiring our youth.

“With today’s technology, curiosity is rewarded”, speaker Eileen Wacker explains.  “If a student doesn’t know a word, it’s no longer scary and embarrassing for them.  We can tap on the screen and the definition appears.  The next step of our children’s learning is brought on by a simple click, tap or swipe of their tiny fingers. The students of today will be a generation of creative people that know no limits to what is possible.”


For authors and content producers, digital media has changed how they can convey stories, characters and emotion.  Wacker encourages using these technologies to enhance stories, but cautions that they are only tools:

“At the end of the day, story is still key.  We use these creative tools to invent characters and take them on inspiring adventures in an imaginative world that can help teach.  That immersive world is one more setting where we can make a difference with each student.”

CEO Eileen Wacker at work
CEO Eileen Wacker at work

At the ONCEKids booth visitors will have the opportunity to browse through the full book series, which includes colorful hand-drawn illustrations, stories of diversity, and inspired family-friendly characters.  In addition, opportunities to premiere the newest videoslearn about e-publishing and it’s educational benefits, enter contests and giveaways, be included in far-reaching social media content (including live video) and more

ONCEKids Publishing will be in booth #2780.  CEO Eileen Wacker will be in attendance and is available for pre-approved media interviews; contact Desiree@ONCEKids.com

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