Dick Clark’s Passing Reminds us the Value of Mentors


DickClark-RyanSeacrest-MentorMost people happily share memories of their mentors.  People who have inspired them and others, and some are such luminaries that groups, cities, and even the world looks upon them for insight.  Earlier this month, with the passing of Dick Clark, the globe mourns a mentor that reminds us all what it means to be someone who teaches, nurtures and inspires.

Generous with their time, contagious with their energy and with an undying enthusiasm for the subject, that’s how many would describe a mentor.  But the key to a successful mentorship is a mutual reward. The best mentors have an aching to return the passion they have and the wisdom they’ve accumulated on to another person. Hence the Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Inspiration has been noted as a “fire from within.” When the student’s fire sparks, a mentor can often stoke the flames. When both forces combine it becomes an unstoppable educational force. A prime example is the above mentioned Dick Clark and his collaborations with Ryan Seacrest.

Academic Success supports this theory and uses it as a backbone in the decision making process when pairing a student with their coach.

Academic Success CEO Jamie Altshule explains: “That mentor relationship determines the potential for success.  It’s essential when we first start talking with the student that we find them the most appropriate coach.  We study our roster of caring professionals to find the person who will support, understand and inspire them.”

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