60 Minutes Wallace RIP: TV News Needs to Adapt


MikeWallace--RIP-CBS-News-MondernWill “Dying Off” lead to a new modern tone for today’s news?  A question that many have asked quietly, but in order for CBS and other traditional television stations to stay in the game, a new day must come!

In the news game, the old men who for years dominated TV news at 60 Minutes. Now they’re dying off. Don HewittEd Bradley, Andy Rooney — and, this past weekend, Mike Wallace. Obituaries rightly celebrate these men’s legendary accomplishments. Wallace and his colleagues adapted the news documentary formula to make it engaging for TV viewers, and kept them coming back week after week. But if newscasters want to celebrate that legacy, then they need to stop emulating the reporting style that the 60 Minutes team developed 44 years ago and find different ways to make investigative reporting relevant and sustainable.

In today’s game, a second-screen experience is a must.  Mobile push capacity is a must.  Real-time news deserve real-time information output in the same regard that CNN has been delivering for over 12 months.

Cable television has long been the more progressive medium.  But how long can it continue and what must happen to force the dinosaurs of network to modernize themselves into a sustainable presentation?  Who is in the way and what rite of passage must take place in order for the 21st Century to be present in the nightly and weekly news?

RIP Mr. Wallace.