Academic Success Applauds Diversity in Classroom


Academic-Success-DiversityLos Angeles-based student coaching program Academic Success leads the way in progressive education offering new methods to supplement teaching within their curriculum.  This agenda continues to rival even the shrewdest competitors as Academic Success cheers on a new study showing the benefits of ethnic diversity in the classroom.

Recently the Census Bureau stated by 2100 the current U.S. minority population will become the majority with non-Hispanic whites making up only 40% of the U.S. population.” Academic Success CEO Jamie Altshule smiles as she interprets these new statistics. “At Academic Success we are committed to an educational system where all voices and perspectives are promoted to contribute to our kids’ development.”  

A mutual respect in the classroom is a must between not just students, but teachers as well.  Altshule favors this diversity and encourages teachers to find ways to group students with various backgrounds in the same classroom.  “Acknowledging and highlighting the different cultures and perspectives makes for a much richer and deeper experience,” Altshule continues, “Teachers have the powerful opportunity to construct learning groups and discuss topics from all areas such as art, history and literature with a myriad of personal backgrounds.  What a dynamic experience for a student to be involved in.”  

Altshule’s own work embraces diversity.  “Our coaches sometimes come from different cultures, languages, entirely different backgrounds.  What they all have in common is their mastery of certain subject matters, their ability to relate to each student, and their willingness to think outside the box and find innovative, fresh ways to connect with the students and help them learn subjects.  As you might imagine, diversity plays a key role in that.  When one method doesn’t click our coaches have the resources and ability to try several methods until that dynamic “click” takes place.

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