Aleks Istanbullu: A Quest for Authenticity


Istanbullu-ArchitectsBelow is an excerpt from an interview Marianne O’Donnell conducted with acclaimed Architect Aleks Istanbullu of Istanbullu Architects.

Aleks Istanbullu’s Architecture is rooted in his personal journey as an expatriate and his quest for belonging.

Born in Istanbul, Aleks went to boarding school in Geneva before attending IIT College of Architecture in Chicago, and moving west to set up his own design practice in Santa Monica, California.

Los Angeles in the 1980s was wide open, offering him a chance to develop his own voice. It was also a nexus of mid-century Modernism — recalling his training at IIT where European emigrants had reinvented The Bauhaus, and his childhood growing up in Istanbul where new construction welded modernist principles into the Turkish context.

“Los Angeles was as far west as I could go within Western civilization,” he says of his move to L.A.

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